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Engagement with local residents underway ahead of Floating Lagoon stopbank work

19 Jun 2024

Discussions are underway with some Coates Street homeowners in Westport in relation to upcoming flood protection work.

The work, which is being carried out by the West Coast Regional Council (WCRC), forms part of the Resilient Westport package of work.

During a recent assessment, Regional Council staff identified that some low points along the stopbank at the ‘Floating Lagoon’ need topping up. It was also identified during this assessment that some properties that back onto the area may have stored items, gardens, sheds, steps, rocks or other structures encroaching onto Buller District Council (BDC) land where the repair work is necessary. 

BDC Group Manager Regulatory Services Nathan Riley says letters have been hand delivered to the Coates Street homes that back onto the area to inform them of the upcoming work. Face to face conversations were held with those who were at home on Tuesday of this week, and council staff are available to discuss any questions or work through any concerns going forward.

“Maintaining and improving our flood defences, in collaboration with the West Coast Regional Council, is crucial for the safety and resilience of our community. We also understand that this request may cause some inconvenience, and we empathise with the effort required to remove any items stored in this area,” says Mr Riley.

“It is important to note that not all the properties in that area have structures that encroach on Buller District Council land, however some do. Removing these items or encroachments is important to ensure unobstructed access for the Regional Council team and the successful completion of this important stage of the flood protection work” says Mr Riley.

WCRC Construction Engineer Jordan Mandery says vegetation clearance is scheduled to begin in the coming months. 

“The initial maintenance work on the existing stopbank, including topping up low sections, is scheduled to begin once the clearing is completed. 

“The West Coast Regional Council has a responsibility to ensure that our flood defences are resilient and capable of protecting our communities during significant flooding events. This forms part of that wider body of work,” says Mr Mandery.

Information is available to homeowners who are unsure about their property’s status in relation to the BDC land. They can visit: and click on ‘West Coast Properties’ to verify your property boundaries.

People who require further assistance or information regarding the project, are also encouraged to reach out to Resilient Westport. The Resilient Westport team can be contacted via email or by phone 027 201 5810.

For enquiries specifically regarding property boundaries or encroachment, the BDC team can be contacted via with the subject line ‘Floating Lagoon flood protection’.

For further information please contact:
Group Manager Regulatory Services
Nathan Riley 

Resilient Westport
Senior Communications Advisor
Amanda South