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Council to consider next steps for Zone 1 rubbish collection

08 Dec 2023

Further consultation could be on the way to help set the direction for any changes to the rubbish collection service for Zone 1 households.

Buller District councillors will consider next steps at their final meeting for the year on 13 December.

Consultation was conducted in August and September on a proposed change of service for Zone 1 households from 2025 onwards. The consultation proposed a change from the current ‘Pay As You Throw’ (PAYT) weekly service using rubbish bags to a fortnightly, rates funded 120 litre wheelie bin collection service.

There was a high level of community engagement and a range of views submitted including support for changing to wheelie bins and concerns about mandatory rates collection.

Following the consultation process, and the subsequent hearings and deliberations, staff have examined a range of options and scenarios to move forward. 

Three options have been recommended, all of which involve a switch from bags to bins.

The first option is a PAYT model using a private contractor similar to the current arrangement.

The second option is a fortnightly PAYT 120 litre bin service to be operated by Council.

The third option, also operated by Council, includes a choice of bin sizes (i.e. 80 litres, 120 litres or 240 litres) to be collected fortnightly and charged via rates.

Councillors will also consider three scenarios on how to proceed with the process and next steps, either with or without further consultation. The staff recommendation is to reconsult with the community based on estimated costs for each option.

Group Manager Infrastructure Services, Mike Duff says: “The key message from the community is that we need more options on the table. There was positive feedback for moving from bags to bins and strong support for staying with a user pays type model.”

“But the first question is do we stay with the current private contractor arrangement or do we bring it into Council operations. From there, the choices become clearer and is why re-consultation is recommended.”

The previous consultation resulted in a total 339 submissions (158 online and 181 written). Twenty-five people also provided oral submissions. The vast majority were opposed to the proposal as it then stood.

If Council proceeds with further consultation, it is likely to take place next year, potentially as part of the Long Term Plan process.

In the meantime, Council is considering extending the Smart Environmental contract until 1 July 2025 to allow sufficient time to review and consider next steps whilst still ensuring continuity of the rubbish collection service.


For further information please contact:
Group Manager Infrastructure Services
Mike Duff