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Council reviews Buller’s public bin network

10 Aug 2022

As part of a review of its public bins network, council will replace 11 old rubbish bins and remove 12 litter bins across the district.

Three bins at the Reefton Skate Park, one at the King George Park, and one in Crampton Park in Reefton will be replaced. One bin at the Buller Bridge, one at the Granity car park, and four bins at Victoria Park in Westport will be renewed.

Four bins at the Orowaiti in Westport will be removed due to ongoing misuse to dump household rubbish. One bin near the Westport Motel on Palmerston Street will be taken out for the same reason.

At Tauranga Bay, two bins will be removed leaving two bins for visitors. At Carters Beach one bin will be taken out, leaving three bins for the public to use while enjoying the reserve and track. In Granity one rubbish bin at the car park will be pulled out.

One recycling bin in Reefton near the public toilets has reached its end of life and will also be removed due to ongoing misuse.

WestReef Services Ltd. is contracted for the maintenance and emptying of all bins and will complete the removal and replacement.

Buller District Council’s acting group manager community services Krissy Trigg says: “Most of the bins that will be removed are very old and not fit for purpose anymore. Many of these bins are also misused to dump household rubbish. Continuing to finance these misused rubbish bins is creating unsustainable ongoing costs to ratepayers.

In some areas bins were doubled up and it made sense to consolidate the number of bins available for visitors.”

A single bin at North Beach in Westport and one bin in Hector will be pulled out due to the external funding having ceased.

Ms Trigg says: “Most councils and Department of Conservation groups are removing public litter bins in reserve areas to encourage visitors to reduce waste and follow the ‘leave no trace principle’.

We acknowledge this is just the first step, and there will be further education done to encourage residents and visitors to minimise and dispose of their waste correctly.”


For more information contact:
Acting Group Manager Community Services
Krissy Trigg