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Council properties for sale

22 Jul 2022

Buller District Council has listed two properties for sale through local real estate agency Property Brokers, as part of its property rationalisation project.

A summary of these listings are as follows:

  • 7 Webb Street Westport – 589sqm freehold section
  • 157 Queen Street Westport – 2-bedroom home on 688sqm section

Council’s acting group manager community services Krissy Trigg says: “The properties going to market will provide an opportunity for people to realise their dream of owning or building their own home.”

These are the first properties to be listed within group one of the properties that were approved by Council. More properties will come throughout the coming months.

One of the financial strategies council included in its Long Term Plan was for realising financial opportunities through the sale of surplus land and buildings.

Mrs Trigg explains that the properties have been selected after careful analysis by staff and were approved by Councillors to go to market.  “There is a real benefit to all ratepayers in having such properties sold to allow development and increase our ratepayer base.”

She says that Property Brokers will be handling the sale and marketing of the properties. All offers must be submitted by 26 August.

Property Brokers was selected as the sales partner for this property rationalisation process in March 2022. They were chosen out of two real estate agents that responded to an invitation to submit a proposal to manage the sales.

Mrs Trigg says: “after the deadline, all offers will be evaluated by council staff in partnership with Property Brokers.”


For more information please contact:

Acting group manager community services

Krissy Trigg