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Council Long-Term Plan workshop

02 Feb 2024

Councillors and council staff met for a workshop regarding the 2024-2034 Long-Term Plan (LTP) on Wednesday, which was livestreamed and open for the public to attend.

Following a period of pre-engagement with the community in late 2023, the draft LTP is currently being finalised and will be brought before council for adoption at the end of March.

Public consultation on the draft will take place from late March to early May, followed by public hearings and deliberations. It is expected the final LTP will be adopted by council towards the end of June.

Buller District Council staff met with representatives from Taumata Arowai, New Zealand’s national water services regulator last week to discuss council’s obligations in meeting the Water Services Act 2021 (WSA).

An appropriate solution must be found for Buller’s non-compliant water supplies. Council can apply for an exemption from the WSA or apply for an enforceable undertaking. The latter is the preferred option, allowing council time to explore suitable options and address affordability issues.

Key LTP consultation topics were outlined, including the Buller District water and wastewater ratings, the roading portfolio, solid waste in Zone 1, Westport’s water resilience and loan borrowing.  

Council also discussed an updated rates prediction and potential financial strategies for the draft LTP.

Looking forward, issues for future consideration were indicated. These include improvements to water supplies district-wide, the Karamea Highway Special Purpose Road, senior housing, wastewater backflow prevention, climate change/flood protection and remediation of our legacy landfills.   

The LTP consultation will be conducted along the same lines as the pre-engagement process in late 2023, aiming to keep communication flowing in both directions via provision of promotional material and resources, drop-in sessions and public meetings.

The workshop can be viewed online on council’s YouTube channel, Buller District Council.  


For further information please contact:
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Gibling