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Buller District Council’s new library website all set to go live

10 Mar 2023

Buller District Council’s new Library website will go live on Friday 10 March 2023. This will give the Buller District Libraries their own, long-needed online presence.

Group manager community services Krissy Trigg says: “The new library website will be a great one-stop-shop for library users in Buller, who can now find all library information, events, updates, and important links from one dedicated website.”

The new website incorporates the information that was previously hosted on the Kotui catalogue website and council’s website.

Mr Trigg says: “Designing our council website we realised that library users had to go through two information sources and things like opening hours were duplicated between the Kotui page and council’s website. An own library website is a great improvement for our Westport and Reefton library users and will help to further breakdown barriers for people accessing information online. ‘

Kōtui is a shared service that provides New Zealand public libraries with an affordable, efficient online catalogue to manage and display their collection.

Council’s communications team and IT staff have created the new library website in partnership with a software development company over the last three months.

Ms Trigg says “The new website has a modern look and feel, focuses on the end user and their needs. The result is a refreshed view, easy to locate information, online forms, a search option that allows users to search the website or the libraries book collection, and the ability to feature our library events and services.”

The new website is hosted on the same system as the council’s website and was designed to comply with high security and accessibility standards.

Ms Trigg says: “The new library website will be beneficial to our library users as well as our library staff and enable us to provide a better service to our community.”

The new library website can be found at 


For more information contact:
Group Manager Community Services
Krissy Trigg