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Buller District Council Representation Review for 2025 local authority elections

05 Jun 2024

On 29 May 2024, Council adopted a draft proposal for a governance structure which we are now seeking feedback on. 

The draft proposal was adopted as follows on 29 May 2024:

Please note, this the same governance structure as has been used by the Council for the 2019 and 2022 triennial elections.

Council notifies the public that it intends to adopt a draft proposal for preliminary consultation for the Buller District governance arrangement from the October 2025 triennial elections for local government.

That the Buller District be:

(a) Divided into 3 wards being the
(i) Seddon Ward
(ii) Inangahua Ward
(iii) Westport Ward

(b) The Council will comprise the Mayor and 10 Councillors elected as

I. 2 Councillors elected by the electors of the Seddon ward.
II. 2 Councillors elected by the electors of the Inangahua Ward
III. 6 Councillors elected by the electors of the Westport Ward

(c) There will be an Inangahua Community, comprising the area of the 
Inangahua Ward

(d) The Inanagahua Community Board will comprise of 4 elected members and two members appointed by the Council representing the Inanagahua Ward.

(e) That the district and ward boundaries will be as those used for the 
2019 triennial elections.


All territorial authorities are required under sections 19H and 19J of the Local Electoral Act 2001 (the Act) to review their representation arrangements at least every six years.

These reviews are to determine the number of councillors to be elected, the basis of election for councillors and, if this includes wards, the boundaries and names of those wards. Reviews also include whether there are to be community boards and, if so, membership arrangements for those boards. Representation arrangements are to be determined so as to provide fair and effective representation for individuals and communities.

Preliminary consultation

Members of the public can provide their feedback to this draft proposal in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Buller District Council, P.O. Box 21, Westport 7866 or by email to with the subject Representation Review.

Feedback must be received no later than 5:00 pm on Friday 5 July 2024.

Feedback on the draft will be considered when Council considers the adoption of an initial proposal which will be further consulted on with the community.