Buller District Council

Class 4 Gambling and TAB Venue Consent

Consent is required from Council:

  • to establish a new Class 4 venue;
  • to increase the number of gaming machines at an existing Class 4 venue to more than the number operating at that venue on 22 September 2003, or more than the number previously consented to by Council;
  • to establish a new TAB venue;
  • the first time application is made to the Department of Internal Affairs for a Class 4 venue licence for a venue which did not hold such a licence on 17 October 2001.

Council will consider applications for consent in accordance with its Class 4 Gambling and Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) Venue Policy.

All applications will be publicly notified. Submitters and the applicant will be given the opportunity to speak at a hearing should they wish to.

Applications are processed on a full cost recovery basis and must be accompanied by a $250 deposit.

An application form can be downloaded below.

Current Applications

The below is a copy of any current applications which have been submitted to Council


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