Buller District Council

Local Roads Update 11/02/2022

11th February, 2022
Karamea area:
North Karamea very minor issues of no concern
South Karamea
  • Granite Creek Rd scoured in first 500m closed
  • Granite Creek Rd further on scoured and passable
  • Wangapeka Rd scour damage in first 200m.
  • Glasseye Rd flooded yesterday, likely damage at suicide corner
  • Blue Duck Creek Rd and Captains Rd flooded yesterday,
  • expect road damage
Karamea Bluffs
  • Flooding receded and allowed access late yesterday afternoon for roading teams. There are large slips in and around the Smiths Valley area and the teams will be clearing slips for theremainder of the day. The road will remain closed overnight with and update at 9am tomorrow.
Seddonville and Mokihinui
  • De Malmanches Rd multiple slips on road and closed.
  • Mokihinui Rd – Shoving of the road at the shoulder but passable.
SH67 at Mussel Rocks
  • Teams are on site this morning for inspections and an excavator crew is on its way. Road remains closed.
Millerton Track
  • Slips being cleared now and passable, will be totally open soon.
Denniston Track
  • Large slips being worked on and assessed. Road remains closed until further notice.
Powerhouse Rd
  • Christmas Creek Bridge site closed
Fairdown to Westport
  • Generally small minor road issues and access is possible.
Westport surrounds
  • Nine Mile , Reedy’s, Stephens, Keoghan’s were flooded and will be inspected today.
Westport urban
  • Surface flooding receding and all roads are open.
Cape area to Charleston
  • Various scouring on unsealed roads, rough and passable.
SH6 Lower Gorge – closed.
SH6 Upper Gorge – closed.
New Creek Rd
  • Slips and flood damage. Access is limited.
Brown Creek Rd
  • Access is limited.
Landing Creek Rd
  • Access and scouring issues – teams are on their way to repair.
Perseverance Rd
  • Severe scouring from highway to Perseverance Bridge. River has re coursed through the paddocks on the west side of the bridge. Access beyond is not possible.
Blairs Rd
  • North approach to Boatmans Creek Bridge scoured.
Reefton and immediate surrounds
  • Minor issues only no access issues.
Soldiers & Harwoods
  • Flooding and watertable issues around Harwoods Rd. Slip blocking road approx 500m past last house.
Upper Grey Valley
  • Generally fine and no access issues apart from the following
  • Waiuta Rd: Blackwater Bridge no.1 has a small washout near abutment. Slip near top and blocked. Springs
Palmers Rd
  • 4wd access until after weekend rain
  • Flooded near Paddy Gourleys bridge and closed.
Any road not mentioned is likely accessible with little or no issues.

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