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The Rate Records

The rates are struck in accordance with the details that appear on the Council’s valuation database. If a ratepayer notes that some detail on his/her assessment or invoice is incorrect, then contact with Council should be made immediately to correct the record.

The Council’s database is available for inspection at the Sue Thomson Casey Memorial Library (89 Palmerston Street, Westport) or to search on-line using the link below.

Rates Query

Note – while all due care has been taken, Buller District Council does not give any warranty that any information contained is accurate.

Searching Tips:

How do I search for an address?

Enter the street name followed by street number, e.g. Derby 92 – DO NOT enter a street type, e.g., road, avenue or lane.

Searching valuation number?

Enter the valuation number e.g. 1897008700

To view the online rating database please click here.


Setting of rates

Council’s general rates are based on the land valuation of the property plus a Uniform Annual General Charge (if applicable). Further charges are made for various services (water supply, sewage disposal, refuse collection, recycling and waste management) depending on the situation of the individual property.

Council’s rating year is 1 July to 30 June. There are four quarterly instalments covering the periods July – September, October – December, January – March, April – June.

The invoices for each respective quarter are forwarded to the ratepayer on or about 1 August, 1 November, 1 February and 1 May. An assessment for the annual rates is included with the first instalment invoice only.

If a ratepayer has not received an invoice within seven (7) days of these dates, then contact with Council should be made immediately to ascertain the reason. (It should be noted that the most common cause for this occurrence is that Council has not received a sale notice from the previous owner.)

The last day for payment of the quarters are 28 August, 28 November, 28 February and 28 May (or the first working day following these dates if any fall on a non-working day) – any amount not paid by the due dates shown will incur a penalty of 10% of the balance.

Payment options

Please click here for payment options for all Council services, including rates.

For information on buying a property see www.settled.govt.nz


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