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Buller District - Top of the West Coast

Welcome to the Buller District Council – West Coast, New Zealand.

This website gives our residents and visitors access to information and resources, here you will find information on Council activities, events and services. We invite you to learn about your Council and available services so you are able to participate in Council activities and local decision making.

The Buller district is a great and beautiful place to be. With an enviable climate, laid back lifestyle and close community environment, the Buller district is a great place to live, work and visit.

Latest News

Triennial Local Government Elections (Buller)

16th August, 2016
Elections will be held between the listed candidates on Saturday 8 October 2016 by postal vote using the First Past the Post electoral system for the following issues: BULLER DISTRICT COUNCIL WEST COAST REGIONAL COUNCIL Westport Ward (6 required) Buller Constituency (2 required) Alan NEILL Terry ARCHER (Independent) Phil RUTHERFORD Neal CLEMENTSON Jamie CLEINE Jim […] Read more »

Information for Local Body Election Candidates

22nd August, 2016
Requirements for Local Body Election Hoardings A Local Body Election Hoarding is a sign designed to encourage or persuade voters to vote for a particular candidate/s in a local body election and which is larger than 1.5m2 but no larger than 3m2. Prior to erecting any hoarding/s the candidate must make an application to Council […] Read more »

Westport/Carters Beach Water Supply – Partial Shutdown

16th August, 2016
Consumers on the Westport/Carters Beach water supply are advised that there will be a partial shutdown on the Stephens Road trunk main on Wednesday 17 August from 9am until 11am. The reason for this shutdown is to allow for the installation of a new fire hydrant on Robertson Street. Some residents in the vicinity of […] Read more »

Westport/Carters Beach Water Supply – Derby Street Low Pressure

22nd July, 2016
Consumers on the Westport/Carters Beach water supply at the South end of Derby Street and adjacent streets are advised that the supply will be on low pressure on Monday 25 July from 9.00am until 12 Noon. The reason for the low pressure is to allow for the urgent replacement of a shutoff valve in the […] Read more »

2016/2017 Annual Plan

1st July, 2016
The 2016/17 Annual Plan is now available on the Council website – follow the link below for a copy. Annual Plan 16/17 Read more »

Pre Election Report 2016

1st July, 2016
Please find Council’s Pre Election Report using the following link Pre Election Report 2016 (682KB) Read more »