Buller District Council

Fire Permits

The West Coast region is susceptible to quickly changing fire conditions and therefore has a restricted fire season requiring fires by permit only at any time of the year. This means that a fire permit is required from a rural fire officer before any fires can be lit in the open. Lighting a fire in an approved fireplace, incinerator, barbeque, or other authorised receptacle may not require a fire permit.

Fire permits can be obtained from the Buller District Council Westport and Reefton offices and are normally valid for a 3 month period. The permit needs to be signed by the person requesting the permit to acknowledge conditions, and by a rural fire officer. As a rural fire officer may not always be available for authorisation, a permit may not always be issued immediately upon request. If it is more convenient for you, you may complete a fire permit application form and fax or email to us, and we will notify you when it is ready.

Fire permits may also be obtained from other organisations such as DOC. However, once again, a rural fire officer may not always be available for authorisation. If requesting a fire permit from DOC, it is advisable to plan ahead and request a fire permit in advance.

  • Please note that for land clearing burn off activities, or any other large burn, an inspection of the area may need to be carried out by a rural fire officer.
  • A number of conditions apply to permit holders and the permit can be revoked at any time without prior warning if these conditions are not respected.
  • Never burn in windy conditions. A copy of the Beaufort Wind Scale which identifies the types of wind conditions is included in our information provided below.
  • When obtaining a permit from Buller District Council, there is a fee of $28.75 per permit.

In the event of any uncontrolled or suspicious fires phone the emergency services on 111

For further information on conditions, contacts or an application for fire permit, please refer to links provided below.



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