Buller District Council

Recycling & Refuse

The Buller district is divided into three zones for recycling and refuse. Zone One covers Westport, the areas from Westport to the Mokihinui Bridge, Westport to Punakaiki, Westport to Reefton including Blacks Point, and Reefton to Ikamatua.

Zone Two is the Karamea area, from north of the Mokihinui Bridge.

Zone Three is beyond Blacks Point including Springs Junction and Maruia.

Zone One

Refuse and Recycling Collection Over Easter 2017

Zone One is a contracted approach, carried out by Smart Environmental Limited, which operates as follows:

  • Each eligible property has a 60 litre crate for glass recycling which is collected fortnightly.
  • Each eligible property has a 240 litre wheelie bin for all other recycling that is also collected fortnightly.
  • Refuse is collected weekly, all refuse needs to be in official Council bags.

To contact Smart Environmental Limited, please phone 03 789 6427 or visit their website www.smartenvironmental.co.nz.

The wheelie bin is for the majority of your recycling. All eligible items go straight into the bin, we no longer need you to seperate items and put them in plastic shopping bags. These shopping bags are not eligible for recycling, and need to be disposed of as refuse. Please see below for the full list of what can and can not be recycled.

Kerbside Collection day

Your wheelie bin has a label on the side like the image below. This label has your address on it, a bin number – as all bins are registered to the address not the people, and the day & week of your collection. Therefore as per the label example below, this person’s refuse collection day would be every Tuesday, and their recycling would be collected on Tuesdays that are week 1. All bins received an information pack that included a recycling calendar, this is what you use to establish when to put your recycling out for collection. So if you are Tuesdays and recycling is on week 1 then you put your recycling bins out on Tuesday 4 February 2014. The next time you put your bin out for collection is then Tuesday 18 February 2014, and so on in a fortnightly pattern.

*Please note that both sides of Brougham Street in Westport are now collected on Mondays. Recycling collection in the week 1 and week 2 pattern remains the same.

Bin label and Calendar example

If you need a recycling calendar, please click below or you can collect from Council Offices in Westport or Reefton.

Transfer Stations

Westport and Reefton have Transfer Stations rather than landfills. Refuse from these two Stations is currently transported to Nelson and disposed of at Nelson City Council’s Landfill.

Transfer Station opening hours:

Westport Hours: Reefton Hours: 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.00am - 5.00pmTuesday & Thursday1.00pm - 4.00pm
Tuesday and Thursday CLOSED
Saturday & Sunday11.00am - 4.00pmSaturday & Sunday1.00pm - 4.00pm
All Public HolidaysCLOSEDAll Public HolidaysCLOSED

*Transfer Stations can have different opening hours on public holidays

We will also have notifications of changes to normal operating times on our website at the appropriate time.

Fees and Charges at the Transfer Stations effective from 1 July 2016


Official Council Bags$4.20
Paint 1 ltr container$3.00
Paint 2 ltr container$4.00
Paint 4 ltr container$5.00
Paint 10 ltr container$7.00
Paint 20 ltr container$7.00
Waste Oil 4 ltr container$2.00
Waste Oil 20 ltr container$4.00


Zone Two

Zone Two is managed by Buller District Council. There is no kerbside collection in Zone Two.

Karamea has a landfill for refuse. Please see below for fees and charges and hours of operation.

Karamea Hours: 
Wednesday, Friday & Sunday9.00am - 1.00pm

Zone Three

Zones Three is managed by Buller District Council. There is no kerbside collection in Zone Three.

Maruia has a landfill for refuse. Please see below for fees and charges and hours of operation.

Maruia Hours: 
Tuesday & Thursday2.00pm - 4.00pm

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