Buller District Council

Work well underway to get Buller residents back in their homes.

11th February, 2022

Buller Emergency Management is prioritising getting people back into their homes after the second week of challenging weather. 

The recent weather event saw 121 residents from Westport and the surrounding areas being accommodated in evacuation centres overnight. 

Controller Bob Dickson says the EOC was fully staffed through the night and is working today to assist with getting residents back in their homes. 

People who have evacuated overnight could return home this morning but were advised to contact the EOC if they find their home damaged inside from the floods, or feel unsafe or unsure about their safety. 

“We do not wish to keep residents in evacuation centres unnecessarily, but we also do not want to compromise their safety. 

Rapid assessments will be carried out by Council building inspectors. A red and yellow stickered system  will again be applied. 

The Community Hub is open to provide support to residents if they feel distressed, anxious, or would like additional support. 

Residents are encouraged to reach out to the team at the Westport Flood Recovery Community Hub, 175 Palmerston Street. They can connect you with a local navigator and other support agencies. The Community Hub is open 9.30am to 4.00pm weekdays. 

The Buller Emergency Operations Centre remains staffed through the day. Unrequired evacuation centres are currently closed but are ready to be stood up again for the weekend if needed. 

In preparation for the weekend the NZDF will be in Westport from Friday. Mr. Dickson says “We are concentrate our efforts on assisting our community to deal with the impact of this event but we are also monitoring the front forecasted to come through over the weekend.” 

“It is a stressful time for our community, but unfortunately this is the new reality that we’re living in and we need to be prepared; there’s more change coming, potentially over the weekend ahead … every one of us must take steps to look after yourself, your neighbours, your friends and pets. 


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