Buller District Council

Waimangaroa Water Supply Conns Creek Upgrade Project Council Report

26th March, 2021

Waimangaroa currently has an untreated water supply sourced from Conns Creek. It is under a permanent ‘Boil Water Notice’ due to public health risk, and is also vulnerable to loss of supply, poor water quality and maintenance hazards.

There are 140 connections serving a population of approximately 250 residents. The existing system does not meet the criteria for a safe, reliable and adequate water supply compliant with Drinking Water Standards NZ. Three options were consulted with the community to provide enduring and fit-for-purpose infrastructure for current and future generations.

Council resolved at the September 2020 meeting to proceed with the Conns Creek Upgrade option, based on a selection phase cost estimate of $1.45M. The feasibility phase has now returned a much higher cost estimate of $2.68M due to the significant constructability challenges of the raw water system and requirements for the water treatment process and storage capacity.

Council will meet next Wednesday to decide whether to proceed with the project, needing to approve a further $1.23M to meet the budget shortfall.

Additional project scope for reticulation renewals has also been identified to ensure the network is efficient and resilient by minimising water leaks, reducing risk of supply outages and improving fire-fighting capacity.

To offset ratepayer contributions, there are two potential sources of external funding. The previously secured Ministry of Health CAP subsidy will depend on Council’s commitment to proceed with the project and compliance of the proposed system. There is also the possibility of future tranches of Three Waters Reform funding which Council is closely monitoring.

If Council decides to proceed with the Conns Creek Upgrade next week, the original project completion date of December 2021 can still be achieved. Through Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), the raw water system design and construction could commence in early May. The treatment plant and storage reservoirs would be tendered in July.


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