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Waimangaroa carpark finished

6th April, 2021

Waimangaroa is one step closer to realising the dream of a central gathering space for the community.

The carpark area next to state Highway 6 in Waimangaroa has been sealed last week. This was part of the districtwide Council Led Revitalisation programme. This was identified by the local community as the first stage of a makeover of Waimangaroa’s centre.

Westreef completed the work which cost $14,000 and was funded out of Council’s revitalisation budget.

Now that the sealing of the car park is finished it paves the way for the community to complete the Waimangaroa Heart project.

The project was started in 2019 by a core group of Waimangaroa residents. The community group applied successfully to the Community Led Revitalisation Fund in 2020 for $19,000 for landscaping, information panels and repurposing the old toilets. Council contributed $14,000 for the sealing of the car park and the upgrade of the toilets. The community will provide the labour to do the landscaping and create information panels.

The project is a good example how Council and community groups work together to revitalize the district. Mr Irving says: “It is great to be part of a project that will create a space where people can meet, friendships can form, information can be shared and creativity expressed.”

“The community were very keen to develop the area, and their passion for it has been amazing. I look forward to seeing the end product now that they are good to go on the next steps. It is over to the community to develop the area from here.”

The community group hopes to complete the next steps over the next few months.

Waimgangaroa resident Lynn Brooks says: “I am very excited about how it will look in the end. Once the project is complete it will bring new life to Waimangaroa and give people who live here and pass through a meeting and socialising area. It will be great.”


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