Buller District Council

Vandals hard at work

12th April, 2021

Buller District Council says vandals have been hard at work over the last couple months.

The NBS Theatre area and Victoria Square have suffered the most damage according to council’s acting group manager community services Lisa Gregory.

“Unfortunately, broken glass and strewn rubbish, and other intentional damage has occurred mostly around the theatre and at Victoria Square.”

On Sunday, WestReef staff had to clean up broken glass and rubbish at both places.

“They had to spend a lot of time on Sunday cleaning up broken glass and rubbish around the square and a lot of the glass was around miners garden and in the water channels of the water feature. Vandals also caused damage to the Brougham street toilet door lock.”

Broken glass has also had to be removed from toilet block near the NBS Theatre, the cycle oval, in the grandstand at Victoria Square, and from the skate bowl.

Other intentional damage included LED lights being ripped off and the newly sown grass at the square didn’t escape unscathed with the turf also being subjected to damage.

There has been ongoing vandalism in the public toilets including the smashing of fixture and fittings, requiring repair or replacement.

“This undesirable behaviour and damage is very frustrating for the maintenance staff who work hard to provide the public with safe and clean facilities.”

Ms Gregory says recently, WestReef removed a picnic table from outside the NBS Theatre due it being damaged and covered in graffiti.

“Police have been informed of the vandalism. It’s such a shame for the community. Many work to make it a great place and a few work to destroy it”.

I encourage anyone observing any suspicious or anti-social behaviour, particularly in or around these areas, to contact police. Anyone finding the effects of vandalism can report it to Council or WestReef.”


For more information please contact:
Lisa Gregory


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