Buller District Council

Upcoming Council Elections

23rd September, 2019

Buller residents need to make their vote count in the upcoming local elections if they want to influence how the Buller District and West Coast region are led and governed.

Voting papers will be sent to all eligible voters from 20 September 2019 and will need to be completed and returned by 12 noon on 12 October 2019. Buller District Council is encouraging people to vote as soon as they receive their voting papers in the post. Don’t put them to one side or stick them to the fridge where they will get covered up by other stuff. Sit down, fill them out and post them back as soon as you can.

This is your opportunity as a citizen to play a part in electing the people who will make the important decisions about how public resources will be allocated. It is your democratic right to take part in electing Councillors who you think best reflect the values and local priorities that are important to you.

Key Dates

Voting papers must be received by council before 12 noon on Polling Day, 12 October 2019. In your pack you will receive voting papers for the Buller District Council election, as well as papers for the West Coast District Health Board, West Coast Regional Council and the opportunity to elect a trustee to Development West Coast.

Voting Process

Voting papers will contain clear instructions on how to vote, including details of the different types of voting to be used. Single Transferable Voting (STV) and First Past the Post (FPP) systems will be used for this election. STV requires voters to rank candidates in order of preference with 1 being the most preferred candidate. FPP system requires voters to simply tick the box next to the candidate(s) they choose to vote for. Please ensure you read the instructions on your voting paper to ensure you are using the correct method of voting.

Local Government shapes the place that you live. It is the footpaths you walk on, the roads where you drive, the water you drink, the parks and how your waste is managed. It is also about culture, sports events, economic development and much more.

To view the list of candidates you can vote for this election please click here


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