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Toki bridge arrival

5th November, 2021

The Westport Waterfront’s Riverbank project is approaching several key milestones with the Toki Poutangata Bridge expected to be on site by the end of this month.

Once the bridge truss is lifted into place, it will be the first full reveal of Westport’s new iconic landmark which will safely link the town centre to the Buller River for the first time in over 40 years.

Group manager infrastructure services Mike Duff says: “We are closing in on assembly phase when the main pieces come together. The highlight event is the bridge lift into its supports and we are really looking forward to that”.

The bridge truss has been fabricated at local manufacturing specialists Rea Engineering, who are only metres down the track from the construction site. This has made for a very simple, yet unique transport plan. The entire truss will be placed on custom made rail trolleys and travelled along the tracks from the workshop to the bridge location. Witnessing this short 500m journey will be a rare opportunity for interested bystanders to see something different, and another example of project innovation and local expertise.

Mr. Duff says: “Rea Engineering had this plan from the beginning, and with full support from KiwiRail, Toki’s arrival will be something you don’t see every day. Adams Construction and WestReef will coordinate the crane lift which will all happen over a two-day period. This will be one of those project moments not to miss”.

The Toki Bridge, designed by DC Structures Studio, is a tapering truss measuring 5.8m high at the river-facing end, with an overall width of 3.1m, total length of 38m and a span between bearing supports of 29m. The full lift weight including decking will be 24 tonnes. The ramp on the town side rises in two flights to a height of 5.4m above ground level, with a linear walk length of 77m at 1:12 grade with rest zones every 9m. The usable walkway width is 2.5m on the bridge and 2.3m on the ramp, with both using 28mm thick Fibre Reinforced Polymer non-slip decking materials and stainless steel countersunk fixings.

Installation will be followed by bridge certification and completion of the western embankment before the new over-rail link is opened for public use. This is expected to be before Christmas, so that users can enjoy the bridge in time for the holiday period. The remaining project scope and finishing touches of landscaping, town precinct improvements and connection to the Kawatiri trails will be completed early next year.

The final result will enable the community and visitors alike to experience active journey and recreation opportunities along the banks of the Buller River, via the Westport town centre, to the new port development and beaches beyond.

The Riverbank project grand opening is currently planned for February 2022.

For more information on the Riverbank project go to Westport Waterfront The Riverbank project  


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