Buller District Council


10th February, 2022
Many areas within Westport do not currently have a properly functioning sewer system or storm water system.
The sewer may appear to be working locally however it may flow to and be overflowing into nearby low lying areas.
Exercise caution when flushing toilets if
👉the area around your house has a lot of standing water, especially around gully traps.
👉the toilet water level is high.
Waste water may not be discharging to the sewer.
If you evacuate it is recommended to leave the toilet lid closed with a heavy object on top prior to leaving the house.
Please consider minimising sewer use during this time.
In Westport storm water is discharging to the Buller and Orowaiti rivers. When river levels are very high, as at present, some areas are at or beyond capacity and drains may not clear.
Please treat all storm water as potentially contaminated.
Thank you for your consideration 🙏

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