Buller District Council

Services and road updates

5th February, 2022
Power should be back on in all houses now – please treat lines live at all times.
All lifelines are currently operational: power, phones, water and sewerage.
To report any issues, contact the EOC on 0800 234 533
Roading Updates
• SH67 closed at Mussell Rocks / Nikau. This is currently being worked on
• SH6 Lower gorge is closed
• SH6 to Punakaiki is open
• SH67A surface flooding at / near Bulls Rd
• Denniston Track is closed with multiple dropouts.
• Millerton Track, Open but caution advised
• Stephens Rd closed last night due to surface flooding
• Elley Drive closed due to surface flooding
• Awaiting a report on the Bluffs
WestReef staff assisting with additional pump support to clear surface flooding at Carters Beach.
Thank you to everyone who have been helping to keep us all going!

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