Buller District Council

Roading update for Buller District

2nd February, 2018

Residents are advised of the following:

Closed roads

  • SH6 Coast section will be closed overnight between 9pm and 6am for the next 4 nights. Daylight access available.   A manned checkpoint will be in place as it is down to one lane.
  • Soldiers and Perseverence as per email KL and these are very low priority
  • Waiuta Rd treefalls 2.4km past Blackwater no.2 bridge (bushline). Looking at excavator options.
  • Domain Rd at Cape – trees falled through night or afternoon access through domain and corner section , will be cleared
  • Tauranga Bay Rd from Bayhouse to end approx. 100m is closed due to wave damage. Bayhouse accessible

Completed or opened

  • Brown Creek                       open
  • Darkies Terrace                  open to two way this afternoon
  • Virgin Flat Rd is                 open and some tidy up to do
  • Utopia Rd Fairdown          open
  • MCCallums Mill                 open
  • deMalmanches is               open
  • Kohaihai                              open
  • Martins Creek Rd              open
  • Tauranga bay Rd               open
  • Okari rd                               open – with some repairs required
  • Seal Colony Rd                  open
  • Harneys                              open
  • Nine Mile                           open
  • Reedys                                open
  • Soapworks / Excelsior    open
  • Karamea Hwy                   open



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