Buller District Council

Reserves and Halls Sub-committees

Councillor membership on Reserve and Hall Sub-Committees:

Reefton Reserve Sub-committee – John Bougen
Mawheraiti Recreation Reserve Sub-committee – John Bougen
Carters Beach Reserve and Hall Sub-committee – Grant Weston
Omau Reserve Sub-committee – Joanne Howard
Springs Junction Reserve Sub-committee – Dave Hawes
Maruia Hall Sub-committee – Dave Hawes
Inangahua Junction Hall Sub-committee – Dave Hawes
Karamea Reserve Sub-committee – Rosalie Sampson
Little Wanganui Reserve Sub-committee – Rosalie Sampson
Seddonville Reserve Sub-committee – Rosalie Sampson
Ngakawau/Hector Reserve Sub-committee – Martin Hill
Mokihinui Reserve Sub-committee – Martin Hill
Waimangaroa Reserve Sub-committee – Martin Hill

Reserves and Halls Sub-Committees are sub-committees of the Buller District Council elected to manage on a voluntary basis the reserve/s in their particular area.

These sub-committees have delegated authority from the Buller District Council to administer and manage the reserve/s and/or hall.

Specific powers shall be:

  • To approve annual budgets for the reserve/s and/or hall
  • To raise and expend finance
  • To hire and dismiss staff
  • To enter into contracts necessary for the efficient running and suitable use of the Reserve/s
  • Any other powers necessary for the efficient and effective management of the Reserve/s

Following the Annual General Meeting of each Committee, the Secretary elected is asked to write to the Buller District Council, attention Property Officer. This is to notify Council of the name, address and contact details of the elected Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of their respective Committee. This allows Council to communicate with the right people when it comes time each year following the 30th June for the Domain Board’s to have their accounts audited by Council.

Council will write to each sub-committee after the 30th June each year asking them to forward their balance sheet, cheque books, cashbook, receipt books, invoices and bank statements to Council for Audit purposes by the 31st July each year.

The Buller District Council appreciates the time and effort that the many volunteers put into running the Reserve/s within their particular area and thanks you all for taking an interest in your area.

Should any Reserve Committee require assistance or guidance from the Council then please contact Rick Barry on 03 788 9649 or email Rick@bdc.govt.nz.


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