Buller District Council

Representation Review

26 September 2018:

A Representation Review Hearing was held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 to consider verbal and written submissions.

After deliberating on the matter Council agreed to remain with the ‘status quo’ , whereas no changes would be made to the electoral wards within the Buller District.


Monday 3 September 2018:

Submissions to Council’s representation review have now closed.

Council’s request for submissions to the elected representatives review has now closed.

From a total of 48 submissions received, 20 submitters supported Council’s proposal to establish a Paparoa Ward for those that live south of the Buller River (excluding Carters Beach), with the majority of submissions received (28) against the proposal.

Representation Review Submissions (5mb)

The Mayor and Councillors will now read and consider each submission.  Those that asked to verbally present their submission at the Hearing will be heard on Wednesday 19 September 2018.  An error with the online submission process in the first few days of the submission period meant that the first four submissions received electronically did not record their contact details.  Council encourages you to make contact if you believe you were one of these submissions, or would like you to phone to check if you are unsure.

Once all written and verbal submissions are considered Councillors will decide whether the establishment of the Paparoa Ward is the best option for the District, or if another option may provide improved engagement with elected representatives.

For further information please contact mary@bdc.govt.nz.


Tuesday 31 July 2018:

How should you be represented by your local Council?

Buller District Council has proposed creating a new ward for the 2019 Local Government Elections.

You have the opportunity to submit on this proposal…..it may affect you!

The consultation period is now open with submissions being received up until 4:30pm Friday 31 August 2018.  No late submissions will be accepted.

Consultation documents and submission forms are available from Council offices and libraries in Reefton and Westport, and i-Sites/Resource Centres throughout Buller.

Submissions may be dropped in to Council offices, posted to PO Box 21, Westport 7866, emailed to submissions@bdc.govt.nz or completed online at: www.surveymonkey.com/r/representation-review

Please view the consultation document below for further information, with a submission form available to download for your convenience.

Consultation Document (4.52Mb)
Submission Form (65Kb)

Wednesday 18 July 2019:

In New Zealand, local authority members are elected every three years. Local authorities are required by law to review their representation arrangements at least once every six years under a “Representation Review” process. The last representation review carried out by Buller District Council was in 2011/2012. Another review is required to begin before 31 August 2018.

The Representation Review process allows for each local authority to look at the way members of Council are elected. A representation review considers if the total numbers of elected members should change or remain the same, if wards should be in place or if a district wide area is appropriate, the boundaries of wards and constituencies, and the names given to wards and constituencies.

Council discussed a report at the Council meeting on Wednesday 18 July, which put forward options for consideration, including creating a Karamea Ward, a Paparoa Ward (south of the Buller River to Punakaiki), or keeping the status quo.  


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