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Rate payment options for those affected by the West Coast Floods July 2021

We as a community are facing many challenges after the flooding event together and we are here to support you.

We know that flood affected residents and business owners are worried about their finances and the first rate instalment is due on the 28 August 2021.

While Council cannot make changes to the rates this financial year, Council is looking at alternative payment arrangements that might help you.

If you can pay your next instalment, we ask you to do so. If you cannot, or can only afford to partially pay your rates, we have some suggestions for you.

Arrange alternative payment options

  • Set up a direct debit to spread your payment equally over the instalment period or beyond.
    (Click here to print a copy of the direct debit form).
  • Consider increasing the frequency of an existing direct debit to make smaller, more regular, payments.
  • Reduce the amount of your direct debit temporarily until your situation improves.
  • Defer the payment of the next instalment without penalty, then pay two instalments together next time. This requires some certainty that you will be able to pay a higher amount in November.
  • Depending on your household income, you may be eligible to receive up to $665 off your rates account through the Rates Rebate Scheme click here or contact Council for help to determine if you are eligible.
  • Investigate other forms of financial assistance that may be available, such as talking to your bank or applying for the Mayoral Relief Fund. Click here to print a copy of the application form.

Apply for a rates payment extension

Council is offering an extension of time for the rates that are due on 28 August 2021. All eligible ratepayers will have up to six months to pay this instalment.

  • For your residential property:
    To be eligible for consideration, you will need to confirm that because of the flooding, you (as the owner-occupier) cannot reside in your home, or your tenants cannot reside in the house.
  • For your business property:
    To be eligible for consideration, you will need to confirm that your business has been significantly flood affected.
  • Application form and support:
    Click here to download a copy of the form to apply for an alternative rates payment arrangement.

Worried about late payment penalties? 

Late payment penalties on your rates will not apply if a payment arrangement has been agreed.

Get in touch

Please remember Council is here for you. You can contact us to discuss you options or arrange alternative rates payments or discuss your options.

Please also contact Council if you need us to post a copy of the forms to you.


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