Buller District Council

Punakaiki Water Supply- Water Conservation

6th January, 2020

Buller District Council are requesting residents of the Punakaiki area to conserve water until further notice.

Damage to the weir on Friday and Sunday has affected the raw water supply to the treatment plant in Punakaiki creating a shortage, however please be advised that there is no concern to the treatment or quality of the water supply. A police investigation is presently underway into the damage caused to the weir.

Buller District Council’s focus  is to restore the water supply to normal capacity as soon as possible and would like to advise that staff are currently on the ground in Punakaiki working to resolve the situation.

Residents are asked to conserve water, this means using water for drinking, food preparation, hygiene and sanitary purposes only and limiting all extraordinary water usage, including garden irrigation, car washing, water blasting and other high water usage activities. This water conservation notice will stay in place until further notice. Council appreciates the co-operation of residents during this time.

Water saving tips are available on our website: https://bullerdc.govt.nz/water/


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