Buller District Council

Public Notification – Lease of Land

2nd May, 2016

Te Hā O Kawatiri Incorporated has expressed interest to lease an area of land containing approximately 3700 square metres, being part of the land described as Lot 2 DP 5150 (part CT 125/191). This land is a recreation reserve owned by the Crown and administered by the Buller District Council.

Te Hā O Kawatiri wishes to use this land to develop a community plant nursery, including garden & orchard plots, to enhance the lives of whānau within the Kawatiri/Buller region.

Public submissions on any concerns or objections to the lease can be made in writing, addressed to the Property and Reserves Officer, Buller District Council, PO Box 21, Westport, 7866. Submissions will be accepted until 4pm on Friday 3rd June 2016.



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