Buller District Council

Media Release-Westport Water Tender – Preferred Tenderer Selected

14th December, 2018

A preferred tenderer has been selected by Council for the Westport Water project.

Due diligence following the tender evaluation process has now been completed, and each tenderer has been notified of the outcome.

The final step of the pre-award phase includes contract negotiations and resource consent approvals, expected to conclude next week.

The preferred tenderer’s proposal is an alternative to the conforming scope and therefore remains confidential until a contract is formally awarded.

However, Council can confirm that the preferred alternative meets or exceeds the project objective and all of the criteria set out in the tender documents.

Mike Duff says “After a thorough selection process matched to the project complexity and risk, we are very confident with the way forward. No more studies, no more tenders – just implement the approved plan”.

The time to make such an important decision could only have been achieved by the excellent performance of the back-up pumped supply.

This has maintained average reservoir levels of 96% over the past 12 months thanks to the hard work of Council and WestReef staff.

“Any long term solution requires proper planning and risk assessment and it’s our responsibility to ensure no surprises. Always better to know up front and address uncertainties before committing ratepayer money.”

The project team has operated on two key principles throughout – health and safety (during construction and ongoing operation) and gravity flow from Giles Creek to the reservoir ponds.

First with the tunnel repair options, then to the overland pipe proposal shows the commitment to these principles, and a willingness of Council to consider alternatives on their merit.

“With unanimous support from Councillors and having turned over every reasonable stone, we are now convinced we have the best solution for Westport’s future” says Mr Duff.

Contract award is expected next week subject to resource consent conditions. A public meeting will then be held to update the community on details of the project, including timeframe and impact to ratepayers.


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