Buller District Council

Media Release – Water Restrictions Ease for Westport & Carters Beach Residents

11th October, 2017

Council will be easing water restrictions on the Westport & Carters Beach supply for all consumers.

Effective tomorrow, Thursday 12 October 2017, residential properties will also be downgraded from Essential Use to Restricted Use. This allows limited consumption of potable water for outdoor use with hand-held buckets, watering cans, water blasters and low flow devices/attachments.

All businesses, education, health care and essential services are already at Restricted Use, having been downgraded last Thursday.

Group Manager, Mike Duff says, “Our reservoir capacity has remained above 75% for the past week. So in accordance with our transition plan, it’s pleasing to now provide some relief for residential users as well.”

“We want to thank the entire community who have been incredibly patient and responsible in terms of water consumption.” says Mr Duff.

Recent repairs to the raw water pipe connecting the reservoir ponds to the treatment plant have given capacity a significant boost. Levels have increased 10% since Friday, and are currently at 89%.

Although this has no bearing on the consumption levels of treated water, it adds an extra 2 days storage reserve, which now sits at 17 days.

Consumption levels have been relatively stable in the past week, even with the recent easing of restrictions. Together with the increase in storage reserve, this provides confidence to proceed with the transition plan from a risk management perspective.

Should capacity remain above 75% for the next 2 weeks, status will be further downgraded from Restricted Use to Conservation for all consumers, where it will remain as ‘normal use’ for our current system.

“We are by no means complacent, because we know how quickly things can turn. But we have to strike the balance for our community to get back to some normality in regard to water use.”

“Our risk reduction strategies are working, but only because everyone is pulling together and doing their part, are for that we are very grateful. ” says Mr Duff.

Council will monitor and report reservoir capacity on a daily basis and use this information to forecast trends in relation to potential status changes.

Water Restriction Transition Plan

The Transition Plan (staged downgrading from current Essential Use) is as follows:

  • Effective Thursday 12th October 2017, the water use status will be downgraded from Essential Use to Restricted for all consumers.
  • If capacity remains above 75% for the next 14 consecutive days, then status will be downgraded to Conservation.
  • If capacity drops below 50% at any time, Essential Use will be reinstated for all consumers.

Water Restriction Definitions


  • Water use for drinking, food preparation, hygiene and sanitary purposes only.
  • A complete ban on any outdoor water use.


  • Limited use of water for operational and maintenance priorities as required for business sustainability.
  • Limited residential outdoor use with hand-held buckets, watering cans, water blasters and low flow devices/attachments.
  • No high-use consumption/filling activities or general hard-surface hosing is permitted.


  • Considerate use of water for all activities, following Council’s water saving tips (available on our website, www.bullerdc.govt.nz).
  • Conservation replaces ‘normal use’ for our current system.

Council wishes to thank consumers on the Westport and Carters Beach Water Supply for their ongoing patience and co-operation.


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