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Media Release – Waimangaroa Water Supply Consultation Document Released

24th July, 2020

Waimangaroa currently has an untreated water supply sourced from Conns Creek. It is under a permanent ‘Boil Water Notice’ due to public health risk, and is also vulnerable to loss of supply, poor water quality and maintenance hazards.

There are currently 139 connections serving a population of approximately 250 residents. The existing system does not meet the criteria for a safe, reliable and adequate water supply.

Over the years, Council have examined several alternatives including local rivers, creeks, various bore locations, connecting to other supplies as well as retaining the current source. For valid reasons, many of these were dismissed.

The three options concluded by Council to be most feasible are Britannia Bore, Westport Connection and Conns Creek Upgrade. To “do nothing” is neither compliant in terms of public health nor sustainable from an asset condition perspective.

Council acknowledges that compliance and affordability creates a difficult situation for rural drinking water supplies and small ratepayer bases. However, as the registered supplier Council must accept its legal responsibilities to take all practicable steps to ensure the health and well-being of all consumers.

In April 2019, the Waimangaroa Community were formally consulted on the proposed options for an upgraded drinking water supply. Council subsequently resolved to proceed with a Westport Connection, subject to wider community consultation including Westport ratepayers.

Through the 2020/21 Annual Plan process, the submissions received were overwhelmingly against a Westport Connection. Via a Notice of Motion, Council has since revoked its 2019 resolution so that a new consultation process could be undertaken without predetermination.

A new Consultation Document has been released and the first of two public meetings will be held 6pm next Tuesday 28 July at the Waimangaroa Hall. The document will be delivered to all ratepayers and can be found on Council’s website. Submissions will close 5pm Friday 14 August.

Waimangaroa Consultation Document – July 2020 (3Mb)


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