Buller District Council

Media Release: Representation Review – submissions closed on Friday 31 August 2018

4th September, 2018

Council’s request for submissions to the elected representatives review has now closed.

From a total of 48 submissions received, 20 submitters supported Council’s proposal to establish a Paparoa Ward for those that live south of the Buller River (excluding Carters Beach), with the majority of submissions received (28) against the proposal.

The Mayor and Councillors will now read and consider each submission.  Those that asked to verbally present their submission at the Hearing will be heard on Wednesday 19 September 2018.  An error with the online submission process in the first few days of the submission period meant that the first four submissions received electronically did not record their contact details.  Council encourages you to make contact if you believe you were one of these submissions, or would like you to phone to check if you are unsure.

Once all written and verbal submissions are considered Councillors will decide whether the establishment of the Paparoa Ward is the best option for the District, or if another option may provide improved engagement with elected representatives.

For more information please contact Mary Wilson by phoning 03 788 9618 or email mary@bdc.govt.nz.



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