Buller District Council

Media Release – Reefton water supply upgrade work package – Request for tender

2nd July, 2020

The Buller District Council has released a request for tender for the Reefton water supply upgrade work package.  The Reefton water supply serves the district’s second largest town of around 927 people and requires significant upgrade works to ensure a safe, compliant drinking water and ‘fit for future’ infrastructure.

This is putting into action the Council resolution from the April 2020 Council meeting which sought to undertake market engagement for the upgrade work. Currently treated water is becoming
re-contaminated after leaving the treatment plant, and then entering the reticulation and storage reservoir.  The asset condition, age, design architecture and lack of resilience all combine to result in a water supply which cannot meet current compliance requirements.

Reefton is currently on a precautionary boil water notice, which on advice from Canterbury District Health Board, will not be lifted until the system can demonstrate adequate protection against the recontamination of treated water throughout the water supply system.

The key objective and aim of this design and construction contract are to upgrade parts of the existing reticulation network and reservoir to reliably deliver treated drinking water from the treatment plant to the township via the existing storage reservoir.

The water is sourced from the Inangahua River Flat bore with the water treatment plant located within the Reefton township. This then feeds, by a rising/falling main which is approximately 80 years old, to an existing reservoir that sits above the township.

This request for tender does not include activation of chlorination. A report will go to the July Council meeting seeking a decision as to whether to proceed with this component in light of the annual plan submissions received.


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