Buller District Council

Media release – Rates hearings start soon

19th January, 2018

Buller District Council will be listening to submitters next week about a proposal to change the rating system to Capital Value, and to reduce the 43 different rates in the dollar paid by ratepayers to nine.

Before the hearings start Councillors will have read over 1,000 pages of written submissions and met with many interested ratepayers at either drop in sessions, or public meetings. “It is encouraging to see so many new submitters who have taken the time to write to Council, and to see the list with submitters who will speak to Council for the first time” says Mayor Garry Howard.

Howard puts the wider response down to having an online submission form available along with a mail out to each ratepayer so that the community could respond in the way they prefer.

Submitters to the hearing will speak to a high attendance of Councillors and the Mayor.  “This is an opportunity for submitters to put forward points of clarification or add information, and for Councillors to clarify questions they have about a submission at the hearing.  It is preferable that submitters don’t simply read their written submission as the Councillors have already done this” says Mayor Howard. “It is a very interesting process and I encourage any member of our community to drop in and listen.”  You can find a list of speakers and their times on Council website from Tuesday next week.

The hearings are being held in the Clocktower Building from 9am to 4:30pm on 24th and 25th January.


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