Buller District Council

Media Release – Provincial Growth Fund Planting Project

13th November, 2020

As a result of $900,000 funding from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), a team of six people have successfully prepared more than five hectares of land and planted 15,090 seedlings at select locations at North Beach and Carters Beach. A further 40,000 native plant seedlings have been purchased for future planting from South and North Island nurseries, as well as from Bathurst Resources’ locally-based nursery.

Two people from the planting team were displaced from their existing employment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. WestReef planting project manager Jim McIlraith said; “The team of workers is thriving on this opportunity and enjoying the work. Skills and work ethic of the team improves every week, and they are becoming very skilled at the work being undertaken.”

The contract work involves planting seedlings, harvesting and preparing flax plants for transplanting, as well as preparing planting areas. The preparation work includes cutting back gorse scrub, and removing weeds, and litter collection and disposal. The propagation of seedlings is also continuing at the Bathurst nursery facility three days a week, and is being undertaken by one of the planting team members in order to provide upskilling opportunities.

Over the coming months planting at Carters Beach will continue with mainly harvested flaxes. In addition, planting will commence at Beach Road in Charleston and at any priority areas identified at Tauranga Bay.

This is a ‘win win’ project for the district – not only are we getting some fantastic rehabilitation outcomes at these priority sites, but this external PGF funding is providing employment, training and upskilling opportunities for some of the district’s workers displaced from their regular employment.


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