Buller District Council

Media Release- Proposal for a Paparoa Ward has implications for those close to Westport

16th August, 2018

The proposal to establish a Paparoa Ward has raised questions this week from some members of the community who live south of the Buller River.  Under the proposal residents in areas such as Alma Road, Omau and Cape Foulwind would be included in the proposed Paparoa Ward, and this would reduce the number of representatives they could vote for from six to just one.  Carters Beach residents would remain in the Westport Ward and could vote for five (formerly six) representatives.

Carters Beach and the surrounding area has been included in the Westport Ward is because the law requires equal representation – in our case that is near to one elected Councillor per 1,000 people.   If the Carters Beach community was included in Paparoa Ward the number of people would be too high, so this group of residents must remain with Westport Ward.

“Concerns have been raised with Councillors about the proposed Papararoa Ward. Those living close to Westport but on the South Side of the Buller Bridge would have less choice about the number of representatives they could vote for at the next Council elections” says Chief Executive Keith Marshall.  “This is a key issue which needs to be well understood, and Council is encouraging submissions on the proposal and alternatives. Submissions are open until 31st August”.

To date Council has not received many submissions on this important issue. It is important that everyone has their say. Submissions can be made online via the Buller District Council website, dropped in to Council offices in Westport or Reefton, or emailed to submissions@bdc.govt.nz.  Further information can be picked up at Council offices or I-Sites or found on the Buller District Council website under “Representation Review”.


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