Buller District Council

Media Release- Increased volume of rubbish and recycling

10th January, 2019

Due to increased volume of recycling and rubbish from the Christmas period Smart Environmental aren’t finishing until approximately 7-8pm. This means the public need to leave there bins out until 8pm for the rest of this week and next week.During the warmer months we tend to notice an increase in glass recycling and people starting to overfill their glass recycling crates. Overfull glass recycling crates are very difficult for the truck operator to hook the crate on the truck without glass spilling on to the road. Council would like residents to ensure the glass in their crates is level with the top of the crate. Extra bottles can be taken to the transfer station for FREE, and placed into the colour specific bins. Please do not put broken glass or windows in the glass recycling crate.

Please note our collectors are only contracted to pick up recycling in 240 litre wheelie bins (yellow bin) and glass in 60 litre crates from the kerbside. Our collectors are out until well after 5pm during the summer months.

Thank you for your patience.


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