Buller District Council


10th February, 2022
Residents of Westport have been directed to evacuate, with heavy rain coinciding with high tide expected to result in flooding of low lying areas of Westport this evening, says Controller Bob Dickson.
An Emergency Mobile Alert will be issued to Westport residents instructing locals to evacuate.
“The modelling suggest that low laying areas of Westport are at serious risk of flooding and we must put people’s safety first. We put a mandatory evacuation order in place for these at risk areas in Westport to ensure residents safety.
If your house is within the evacuation zone this means you must go to higher ground and seek alternative accommodation such as staying with family or friends outside of the evacuation zones. Take your emergency grab bag and pets with you.
“An evacuation centre has been set up at Sergeants Hill Hall, South School Hall, Waimangaroa Hall, and Carters Beach Moter Camp for people who can’t stay with family or friends on high ground outside of the evacuation zones. “
Westport residents are urged to follow the evacuation order to keep safe.
Mayor Jamie urged people to pass the word on to their neighbours if they can do so without delaying themselves.
“I know that leaving your homes behind again can be really disruptive and distressing, especially for those who went through this ordeal last week, but it’s critical we all do so to keep ourselves safe.”
People are reminded to never drive or walk through flood water. The water may have washed away parts of the road and may contain debris. Treat all flood water as contaminated and unsafe. Stay from flooded areas until Civil Defence gives the all-clear. Call 111 if you are in danger.


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