Buller District Council

Library Fees & Charges

Library Fees & Charges from 1 July 2018

Initial Research (for search conducted by Library Staff)$20.00 first 15 minutes
Search Fee ( for search conducted by Library Staff)$80.00 per hour
Rentals (per item)
Books - Large print$0.50
Books - Rentals other than Bestsellers$1.00
Books - Bestseller Collection (2 weeks)$3.00
Magazines (first issue year)$0.50
Late Returns (per item, fees accumulating)
Adult (18+)$0.30 per day to a cap of $9.90
Youth (15-18)$0.20 per day when more than 8 days overdue, to cap of $5.20
Child (Under 15)$0.10 per day when more than 8 days overdue, to a cap of $2.60
Bestsellers$0.80 per day to a cap of $9.60
Items Recovery Charge 
Lost/DamagedReplacement cost plus $6.00 processing fee
Item recovery charge$15.00
(This charge applies to any overdue accounts referred to Council and followed up with a Debt Collection Agency)
Interloan (reciprocal libraries)$7.00
Interloan (non-reciprocal libraries)$20.00
Reserves Own collection per book $1.00
Free for online customer services
Replacement cards$5.00
BooksFrom $1.00 to $5.00
Book covering$7.00
Internet printing (From People's Network)$0.30
Charging of Mobile Devices$2.00 per device
Re-surfacing of DVD's$7.00 per DVD
A4 mono$0.20 per sheet
A4 mono double-sided$0.40 per sheet
A4 colour$1.00 per sheet
A3 mono$0.40 per sheet
A3 mono double-sided$0.50 per sheet
A3 colour$2.00 per sheet
Laminating Costs 
A4$2.00 each
A3$4.00 each
Hire of Meeting Room
Commercial/Business/Govt dept - per day$126.50
Commercial/Business/Govt dept - per half day$69.00
Non Profit/Community Group - per day$50.00
Non Profit/Community Group - per half day$25.00
Housebound Service 
Annual Charge$20.00
Non-Residential Subscription
Holiday membership (valid up to one month)$15.00
Subscription Membership Card (valid 6 months)$50.00
Fax Services 
Fax- outwards- within New Zealand$2.50
Fax- outwards- outside New Zealand$5.00
Fax- Inward$1.00



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