Buller District Council

Kawatiri dredge maintenance

11th June, 2021

Media Release

The Kawatiri dredge is being beached for essential maintenance over the weekend.

Dredge master Steve Christieson says following on water preparation work on Saturday the dredge will be beached at the lagoon near the rowing club.

“The crew will use a high tide to drive the ship onto shore to enable access for repairs.

The length of time required to do the preparation work will determine when the beaching will happen.

“Our opportunities are Saturday 8.30pm, or 9.10am or 9.30pm on Sunday. We’ve also got to work around the weather conditions.

“While she’s dried out we will adjust the mechanism that locks the dredge pipe into the side of the ship.”

The project is likely to take a day or two.


For more information please contact

Kawatiri Dredge Master

Steve Christieson




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