Buller District Council

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION – Westport and Carters Beach Water Supply

29th September, 2017

Consumers on the Westport and Carters Beach water supply are advised that planned maintenance to the sand filters at the Westport Water Treatment Plant is scheduled for Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th of October 2017.

The cleaning is scheduled to take three hours, during which time there is expected to be NO IMPACT to the treated water supply. If, however, issues are encountered which results in the need to introduce raw, untreated water into the supply, a Boil Water Notice will need to be implemented. If this is required, notification will be made via Council’s website and Facebook page, as well as radio advertising on local radio stations.

From Thursday 5 October, providing the sand filter maintenance is successful and the treated water reservoir has recovered, it is proposed that water restrictions for education, health care, essential services, commercial and industrial businesses will be eased to Restricted Use. This will enable these organisations to catch up on outstanding maintenance relating to their activities.

Residential Essential Use restrictions will remain in place while monitoring of business consumption is carried out. If usage is not excessive and reservoir volumes remain stable, the residential restrictions will also be eased.


Water Restriction Transition Plan

The Transition Plan (staged downgrading from current Essential Use) is as follows:

  • Effective Thursday 5th  October 2017 (providing the Water Treatment Plant maintenance goes as planned and the treated water reservoir has recovered), the water use status will be downgraded from Essential Use to Restricted Use only for the following:  Education, Health Care, Essential Services, Businesses & Commercial
  • If capacity remains above 75% for 7 consecutive days, residential status will also be downgraded from Essential Use to Restricted Use
  • If capacity remains above 75% for 14 consecutive days once all consumers are at Restricted Use, then status will be downgraded to Conservation.
  • If capacity drops below 50% at any time, Essential Use will be reinstated for all consumers.
  • Council will monitor and report capacity on a daily basis, and update trends in relation to the above criteria (as an early warning system)


Water Restriction Definitions


  • Water use for drinking, food preparation, hygiene and sanitary purposes only.
  • A complete ban on any outdoor water use.


  • Limited use of water for operational and maintenance priorities as required for business sustainability.
  • Limited residential outdoor use with hand-held buckets, watering cans, water blasters and low flow devices/attachments.
  • No high-use consumption/filling activities or general hard-surface hosing is permitted.


  • Considerate use of water for all activities, following Council’s water saving tips (available on this website).
  • Conservation replaces ‘normal use’ for our current system.

Council wishes to thank consumers on the Westport and Carters Beach Water Supply for their ongoing patience and co-operation.


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