Buller District Council

Hector seawall construction tender awarded

11th February, 2021

Reefton company Rosco Contractors Ltd (RCL) has been awarded the tender to construct the Hector Legacy Landfill seawall on the West Coast.

Last year the Buller District Council was granted $1 million to build the seawall to prevent waste from Hector’s old landfill being exposed and eroded. The money is from central government’s Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund through the Provincial Development Unit (PDU).

RCL will source the diorite and granite rock it needs for the protective seawall from the nearby Jones Creek Quarry owned by Cooper Drilling Services and intends to start site work in mid to late this month. The seawall is expected to be completed by June 2021.

RCL has demonstrated capability with the construction of protection rock work. In collaboration with another contractor, RCL built a diversion channel on the south bank of the Inangahua River at Rosstown Road for the Buller District Council. This work was completed early 2020.  Other protection rock work the company has done includes the Karamea River stop-bank for the West Coast Regional Council, which was completed in March 2020.

RCL employs over 80 people and the new Hector Landfill Legacy seawall project is expected to create more local jobs, with the company planning to engage several new personnel to work on it.

RCL company engineer, Dave Stone, said “The Jones Creek Quarry we are developing with Cooper Drilling Services and the associated projects like the Historic Hector Landfill Seawall project are the start of what we see as a sustainable business in the Northern Buller.  We are hiring a number of local people as a result of this opportunity.”


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