Buller District Council

Get your bins & crates ready!

30th January, 2014

Monday is the beginning of the new recycling and refuse service for Buller.

Although Monday and Thursday are public holidays, collections will still occur on these days as it is the beginning of this new service. Refuse, wheelie bins and crates need to be out on the kerb ready for collection from 7.30am on the day of your collection.

Check the side of your wheelie bin for the day of your collection and the week that your recycling bin will be collected. Once you know what week your collection is, refer to the supplied calendar for the correct week to put your bins out for collection. If you have misplaced your calendar, you can get a copy from our website or you can call into the Council office in Westport or Reefton to get another copy.

Each set of bins is registered to that specific property, not the people. The bins have serial numbers that are registered to those properties. Therefore the bins need to stay at the property that has the address on the side.

Only recycling is permitted in the bins. We have already had cases of people putting their bins out for collection full of refuse. Any bins that have refuse in them will not be collected. If items are put in the bins that are not recyclable, the bins will not be emptied so please ensure you are putting the correct items into your bin and crate.

There are some people that may not have received their bins yet. Council and Smart Environmental Limited are working hard to ensure that everyone who is eligible for the service has bins by the end of next week. If you have not received your bins yet, please let us know by calling our Westport Office on 03 788 9111. We are logging details of those who contact us regarding the bins, so for those who have already been in touch, we are working on getting your bins to you as soon as possible.


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