Buller District Council

Free refrigerator disposal available in Reefton

19th May, 2021

The free fridges and freezers disposal service will be extended to Reefton from 22 May 2021.

Since February 2021 Buller District Council, Electro Services Ltd and Smart Environmental Ltd have jointly offered a free refrigerator disposal service for residents at the Westport Transfer Station. The partnership allows residents       to safely, responsibly, and free dispose refrigerators and freezers.

Electro Services, Smart Environmental and council have now extended the initiative to Reefton. From Saturday Reefton residents can dispose safely, responsibly and without charge their fridges and freezers at the Reefton Transfer Station.

Fridges must be dropped off during opening hours and not be left outside transfer station. Reefton transfer station is opened to the public Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 1 – 4 pm.

The fridges will be stored in Reefton Transfer Station. Once 30 fridges are collected Electro Services will send a technician to Reefton to degas them.

Refrigerators hold coolant gases which pose a risk to the environment, humans and animals. The gas must be removed before these appliances can be processed. Previously, residents had to pay $92 for labor plus $9 gate fee. Through the partnership residents could dispose fridges and freezers for free.

The gas is collected in a specialized cylinder which is sent to Christchurch. The gas is sent to France for final treatment and disposal.

Coordinator waste management Juliana Ruiz says “Since the launch 60 refrigerators have been collected in Westport which is a huge success. Reefton residents indicated they wanted to have the same service in Reefton.

It is awesome that we now can deliver this. A big thank you to Smart Environmental and Electro Services to make this possible.”

Smart Environmental Ltd covers the $9 charge fee for disposal, council provides the storage facility, and Electro Services covers the cost to degas the fridges and dispose of the gas.

Council strongly encourage Reefton residents to participate in this initiative ensuring a safe and environmental responsible disposal.


For more information contact:
Juliana Ruiz

Photo: Fridges collected at the Westport Transfer Station waiting to degassed


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