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Excellent infrastructure services delivery result for 2020/21

19th August, 2021

Council’s Infrastructure Services have posted an excellent delivery result for the 2020/21 annual plan period.

From an approved budget of $21.96M for both operational and capital expenditure, the end of financial year delivery concluded at $20.55M, or 94%.

This is the same result as the previous year in terms of percentage, however, reflects $7.29M of additional service than the 2019/20 total of $13.26M, which was impacted by Covid 19.

It is also the third year in succession that the delivery target (between 90% and 100%) has been achieved. This KPI is in place to reflect the mutual objectives of maximising service level output, but not overspending the approved budget.

Reporting their delivery performance to next week’s council meeting, Group Manager Infrastructure Services Mike Duff says this is a great outcome and just reward for the council staff and contractors who work tirelessly for the community.

“There are always plenty of issues to overcome, but we know our job is to deliver. We coordinate large maintenance contracts, major asset renewal programmes and more recently large capital projects. All this combines to a substantial work plan, and the team have done very well to achieve this result.”

Infrastructure Services includes the key portfolios of Land Transport, Three Waters, Solid Waste and District Revitalisation. Approximately 40% of the $21.96M programme for 2020/21 was ratepayer funded, with the remaining 60% being external contributions from central Government and partner agencies, including PDU, DIA and NZTA. Infrastructure planning and the newly established project management office support the delivery team to ensure asset condition and service levels continue to improve for our customers.

“Our business as usual work of road and footpath reseals, reticulation renewals and waste services were complemented by key projects including the Hector landfill seawall and the Nile River Suspension bridge, both great assets to now have completed.”

Other success stories like the Tidal Creek No.2 bridge and asset management collaboration with NZTA have just been selected as finalists in the 2021 IPWEA NZ Excellence awards to be announced next month. This is the second year in a row council infrastructure projects have been nationally recognised following the Westport Tunnel Pipeline.

“Our district now faces many new challenges including the post-flood rebuild programme, and we will continue working hard to maximise every opportunity. The goal remains to provide fit-for-purpose infrastructure at the lowest cost to ratepayers each and every year.”


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