Buller District Council

Evacuees Return Home

5th February, 2022
Morena Buller,
It is with great pleasure that we let our community know that the effects of the recent storm have not been as severe as we feared. We welcome everybody in the evacuation areas in Westport to return to their homes.
Please see the advice below and stay safe as you return home.
The team will be doing further inspections and reconnaissance up the Buller Gorge and north of Westport to Karamea. We will inform the community of any further issues in those areas once identified.
Thank you for your cooperation and support over the last 3 days.
Returning home after the flood:
Travelling back to your home: You may encounter multiple hazards when driving such as slips, debris and surface water on the road. Take extra care on the road.
Safety first:
When entering your property, be cautious and ensure everything is safe to use. Be careful with power and gas.
If you have damage to your house or property as a result of the flood, liaise directly with your insurance company. Before you start cleaning up, take photos of your home and the damage caused as evidence to give your insurance company.
Outside your home:
If your property has been affected by flood water, remove any rubbish and debris and place in sealed rubbish bag. Do not eat produce from your garden if the soil has been flooded.
Follow this link for some health information following a flooding – event https://www.health.govt.nz/…/protecti…/floods-and-health
Tune in for updates:
Listen to Coast FM radio or follow the Buller Emergency Management Facebook page for any updates, information and advice.
Need additional Support?
Returning home after another flood event can be a very emotional and distressing time.
If you are feeling stressed or anxious, or would like additional support, talk to the friendly team at the Westport Flood Recovery Community Hub, 175 Palmerston Street. They can connect you with a local navigator and other support agencies. The Community Hub is open 9.30am to 4.00pm weekdays. Phone 0800 768 348.

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