Buller District Council

Documents removed from website

8th January, 2021

Buller District Council has communicated with community groups which applied for funding last year to inform them their bank account details were published in agendas on the council’s website.

Council’s Chief Executive Sharon Mason says she has sent correspondence to organisations which applied for Community Grants Funding during 2020 to let them know their group’s bank account details were available for viewing on Council’s website until recently.

“Last year, meeting agendas for the Community Grants Committee were uploaded to council’s website. These agendas included complete application forms including bank account details. As a result, I have written to the affected parties to let them know about the Privacy Act breach.”

The historic information has been removed from the website and is considered to pose low risk as bank account details are commonly shared so that deposits can be made.

“I have instructed staff to review council’s entire website to make sure there is no other historic information on it which should be removed. I am sincerely sorry this situation has occurred”.


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