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If you are applying for a Private Plan change, please click this link for further information.


On 9 March 2016, the Council underwent a Public Notification process regarding a proposal to alter Designation 132 for the Pulse Energy Recreation Centre (formally the Solid Energy Centre).  This resulted in submissions being received.   After addressing several issues of the submissions, Council is now in a position to issue a decision.
Decision on Notice of Requirement for Alteration to Designation 132 (464Kb)

For Public Notice Of Decision On Provisions And Matters Raised In Submission – Proposed Buller District Plan Change 145 please click here

The Buller District Plan sets out objectives, policies, and methods of implementation which provide the framework for managing natural and physical resources. The Resource Management Act 1991 is the controlling legislation under which the Plan was written. The Act has as its overall purpose the promotion of “..the sustainable management of natural and physical resources” and the planning process developed within the District Plan reflects this intent. Please scroll down the page to District Plan section and click the links  to view particular parts of the Plan.

Please see below for the entire District Plan in one document, there is also a break down of the District Plan separated into relevant sections.

Part 5 – Character Area and Zone Rules

Zone Maps

The maps below show how land is zoned under the Buller District Plan. A legend is included with each set of maps.

NB: these maps show the zoning of land only. They are not the full Planning Maps and do not include information about historic places, buildings or structures, notable trees, hazard areas, designations or other special features which are included in the full Planning Maps. If you require this information for a specific property please contact the Council office.

The “A Series Maps” cover the District in four maps at a scale of 1:250,000. They provide an overview of the District’s zoning and boundaries. These maps were created in January 2000 and are provided as a general guide to the zoning of land outside of the major settlement areas.

The following maps cover the major settlements within the District at Scales ranging from 1:5,000 to 1:20,000. These maps were created in June 2011.


The Council is carrying out a rolling review of the Buller District Plan and publicly notified proposed District Plan Changes 133 – 145.

Further Submission Period on Proposed District Plan Changes 133 – 145

Clause 7 of Schedule 1, Resource Management Act 1991

A summary of decisions requested by persons making submissions on proposed changes 133-145 to the Buller District Plan is available. The Council received 31 submissions.  Parties had 10 working days to make further submissions, with the last day being 4.30pm Thursday 5 May 2016.

The summary of decisions requested and the original submissions can be inspected at Buller District Council Offices in Westport and Reefton or by clicking on the links below.


Any queries can be emailed to theplan@bdc.govt.nz 


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