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Three key things we are consulting on

There are big changes on the horizon for our district and there are three areas that will require significant investment. They are Climate Change, Information Management, and the Westport Port and harbour operations. Council is particularly interested in receiving your feedback on these things. Options about how Council proposes to address these key things are presented and we need to know which options you prefer.

Information management and building capacity

Building capacity and capability to enable appropriate information management systems and processes.

In recent years Council has transitioned from a purely physical paper-based records and information management system to a hybrid model of physical and digital records and information repositories. Unfortunately, an appropriate management system has not been put in place for our digital records, and information is largely unmanaged. This situation creates a risk for the organisation and as a result is listed as a strategic risk for Council.

In our LTP pre-engagement you told us it is important that our community is supported by quality infrastructure and services that are efficient and fit for purpose to meet current and future needs. We have responded in the draft LTP by prioritising investment in a modern, fit for purpose information management system that will address our legal compliance risk and better enable us to meet the information needs of our community.

Find out how we envisage improving our Information Management Systems in the draft 2021-2031 Long Term Plan here

Climate change preparedness and sustainability leadership 

Climate change resilience is a key issue for Buller District. Coastal communities face an increasing threat and currently, there is a mismatch between the scale of our adaption challenge and the resources available to address it.

Environmental sustainability touches on almost everything we do. A key challenge is understanding where we are currently at as a district and planning how we will meet carbon zero requirements. The community’s ongoing ability to respond and adapt to change in a way that avoids or limits adverse consequences will be a key part of this.

During earlier LTP engagement activities, you told us to prioritise investment into climate change resilience and environmental sustainability. We have responded in this LTP by prioritising a stepped approach across several years to develop a strategy to address this challenge.

Find out how we suggest the district prepares for climate change in our draft 2021-2031 Long Term Plan here.

Westport Port and Kawatiri Dredge

The Westport Port is a strategically important asset that can create natural disaster and commercial resilience and enable economic growth and prosperity with the effective execution of a sound strategy.

Westport Port and the Kawatiri Dredge require a strategic approach to stem operational losses, enable dredging services to be sustainable, and facilitate future growth.

During earlier LTP pre-engagement phase, you told us that Buller having a diverse economy to ensure economic prosperity was important to you and should be a priority. We have responded in this LTP by prioritising a strategy to enable the port and dredge to be self-funding with the possibility of financially contributing to the district.

Find out how we envisage to make the port viable in our draft 2021-2031 Long Term Plan here.

Get informed and give us your feedback 16 April – 18 May


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