Buller District Council

Previous Long Term Plans

2018-2028 Long Term Plan

Council’s 2018-2028 draft Long Term Plan went out for consultation from Monday 23 April, closing Friday 25 May.  In total 124 submissions were received, including one petition containing 314 signatures.

Councillors heard verbal submissions on Thursday 7 June and deliberations and decision making took place on Friday 8 June.  Major changes to the draft LTP were made when Council decided not to pursue the purchase of the Holcim Assets.  This project was removed from the final LTP, and the District Revitalisation and Building Rationalisation projects were changed from the original proposals.  Full details of these can be found in the LTP below.

On Wednesday 27 June 2018 Audit NZ provided an unmodified Audit Opinion on the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan, which means they have audited every facet of the document and it meets legislative requirements.  Councillors then approved the adoption of the final Long Term Plan.

Should you have any queries regarding the Long Term Plan please phone Mary Wilson on 03 788-9618 or email mary@bdc.govt.nz.

Long Term Plan documents adopted by Buller District Council on Wednesday 27 June 2018 were:

Significance and Engagement Policy (61kb)
Revenue and Financing Policy (167kb)
Audit Report (122kb)

Documents that were used in the consultation process were:

Draft Long Term Plan 2018-2028 (13.8Mb)
Fees and Charges (503kb)
Consultation Document (7.74MB)
Submission Form (1.27MB)

The following submissions were received:

2015-2025 Long Term Plan

 2012-2022 Long Term Plan

2012-2022 Long Term Plan – entire (5Mb)


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