Buller District Council

Our reality

In the Consultation Document we present to you the open and transparent view of our reality and the proposed options to address the challenges we face. We invite you to become informed about the challenges the district faces and provide us with your feedback.

The world is changing around us and we have to catch up and address critical challenges facing our district including climate change, information technology and management, strategic assets such as the port, and three waters (storm, waste, and drinking). We require major investment in nearly every aspect of our infrastructure and services.


Increases to rates charges are proposed to meet the level of investment required to meet legislative requirements and our proposed levels of service. We realise rates increases is a difficult conversation to have. In creating the LTP, we have trimmed every possible expense to present pragmatic solutions to the challenges the district faces. Council is also looking to increase and diversify its income streams.There is a lot happening around us and we must consider the challenges we face in a global context including climate change and the implications of Covid-19; along with ever increasing needs, demands, and expectations in relation to information management; and the well-being of our community.

We also face particular challenges in our district such as managing the Karamea Highway (Special Purpose Road) and how to revitalise our district.

Read about these challenges and how we envisage to address these over the next 10-years in the Consultation Document.

Give us your feedback by making a submission 16 April – 18 May.


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